Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lets catch up....

OK lets catch up on some info floating around and some fish reports.
The last couple of weeks I've been going to political party's after laying low and enjoyed seeing old friends and supporters. I wish I counted everyone that said to me they voted for me in the last city council race because I would have beat Rita...LOL. It's all good and everyone is very kind.

Because of my increased duty's at work and building my fishing charter business and my new Harley I will not seek a appointment for the GLTS.  That being said I hope that my friend Cliff will get the appointment because he is a good man with a big heart and will do well for the children of Lowell.

Fish Report

Mackerel are still around for live bait and big Stripers in the mouth of the Merrimack.
37in one last week but reports of cut offs by Blue Fish  :-(.
Its way to early for Blues but everything is early this year.

It was also very weird this weekend that the high tide was 2 hrs late coming in and there was no current at the tide time.....very strange never saw that before.

The Band had a great time playing for Buds party at Lenzi's and a great turn out for the Salvation Army from what I've heard.

Sea Ya
The Capt.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Things never stay the same

I found out yesterday when I went down to the marina to work on the boat that Bridge Marina was sold to my next door marina Rings Inland Marina. It didn't come as a surprise that it was sold as there have been rumors that it was for sale for some time.

It does bum me out that it's sold though because I've already seen some changes like my favorite diner the Fish Tale is closed. It was a classic diner run by 3 sisters with a deck overlooking the harbor. I 'll miss getting my bacon and egg sandwich and home fries before my charters.

The new owner did a great job when he brought Rings Inland a few years ago. He put in all new docks with shore power and water. He also put in new showers and bathrooms and turned the old bait shop into a common area with flat screen TV and air conditioning.

Now you must be saying that sounds nice and it is but at my marina we are hard core fisherman and don't need all of those things. And you know with all of those changes come a increase in fee's.

They don't make any more shoreline and it is all premium property but like most people I don't like change. I'll miss sharing a wash down hose with my dock neighbor and stringing 2 hundred foot extension cords together to work on my boat. I'll also miss the smell of bait sitting on the docks.

The end is coming for me and my fellow fisherman because we won't be able to afford the new fee's and will have to move further up river to a new marina making the trip longer to get to the ocean.

Things never stay the same..........Sea Ya