Monday, December 22, 2014

I Blame The Media For The Unrest In My Country

I have been very quiet with my blogging but this last assassination of two NYPD police officers and pot shots at Police across the country is very disturbing to me and should be to you.

The media in my option is fueling the unrest and wackos  watching TV all day at home are taking action on those who protect and serve our community. What a waste of resources we have paid on protests for folks that did not comply with Police requests .

I have no problem with demonstrating but in my option the media twisted these stories and didn't get the facts right as the Grand Jury found out in the Brown case. Now we have divide between the races again.

I lived with and saw the heinous news feeds  during the 60's and the busing in Boston . We are going backwards not forward.  I know it is a small minority of troublemakers that are making the news but Media is all over them .

What can we do to stop this nonsense? I don't have the answer  on how we can bring us all together  as one...Americans. To be honest I'm a little worried but hope this to shall pass.

Sea Ya.
The Capt.


  1. Mr. Paul, The media are in the business to make money. They know exactly what people are watching or not watching. When their numbers are up, so is their bottom line. If we're not watching the latest bad news, we can always count on political propaganda, choose your channel. Brown was shot 6-7 times, last one to the top of his head. The prosecutor apparently thought that was just standard everyday self-defense and closed the case. I could not believe that, nor could the thousands who are marching.

  2. Cap'n
    I am with you part way. The Media are focusing attention on this in a way that incites more attention and demonstrations. And the Media are fickle.

    But police shootings are serious business and sometimes they have not been righteous, like Amadou Diallo, back in 1999.

    I would like to see fatal police shootings treated like the Air Force treats fatal aircraft mishaps—an independent board, populated by people from outside the jurisdiction, empowered to take testimony that will not be used in any subsequent judicial or disciplinary action.  This will allow the Board to get to the bottom of the incident.  This will restore confidence in Police across the nation, a confidence well deserved, and more important, vital to the effectiveness of our various Police Departments in this Great Nation.  If mistakes were made, identify them and correct them.

    If someone thinks a crime was committed, let them go another route, but keep the mishap investigation (and report) and the trial totally separate.


    Regards  —  Cliff