Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After Election Day

It's been a long campaign season for both national and local candidates. How many times have I heard this past week " I can't wait for this to be over" but I sympathize for the candidates having run twice for local office and worked on another campaign for three years in a row.

First thing we should do is thank anyone that is willing to put there name on a ballot and be willing to serve the public. The minute you're a candidate you are open game to political pundits the media and the public.

As a candidate you lean on your family and friends and supporters to help you get your message out with door knocking and visibility and the toughest thing ( for me ) asking people for money because running a campaign is not cheap.

You are on the go everyday knocking on doors going to this event and that fundraiser. Going to the Senior Centers and meetings with unions. Going to debates and in between knocking on doors. Standing on street corners and
going to coffee shops and standing in front of supermarkets.

You are on the phone all day talking to your advisers and supporters and searching out advice from former elected officials that you admire. You hear your name on the radio and tv. Sometimes its good sometimes it's bad but you keep going and your skin gets thicker.

You lay in bed at night wondering did I do enough today and think about what to do tomorrow.........

Then election day comes. You feel you have done everything you could do to get your message out and now it's up to the voters. It's a long day going to all the polls and making sure there is visibility and all your supporters are happy and thank them for their time.  but thats all you can do. It's in the hands of the voters

Results come in if you're a winner it's the greatest feeling in the world. If you lose you wonder what more you could have done.

You have gone 100mph and then it stops. No place to go . No calls to make. No media to talk to.....Its a very very strange feeling.   Support the ones that won their races and thank those who were willing to serve.

Sea Ya

The Capt.

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  1. Total respect for you and those willing to have run, you put yourselves out for total inspection and scrutiny. They'll always be those who disagree or feel motivated to whack at ya for no other reason than positioning themselves or their own guy or gal. My opinion is so long as your message is honest & important for others, it doesn't really matter how it ends, so long as it's heard.