Sunday, May 27, 2012

Greater Lowell Voke Rumors

I've been reading the blogs and watching City Life and reading the Sun and hearing about who's in and who's out if Mike Lenzi's leaves. Just to set the record straight I was called to see if I would be interested in the position in the event Mike would have to step down.

As you know I ran twice for City Council and worked very hard for a State Senate Candidate making it 3 campaigns in a row. I love this city and will and do serve as best I can as a neighbor and activist. I have always wanted to be an elected official but don't have the energy for another campaign.

While my friend Cliff is also interested and Kim Scott worked hard to get him interested in the seat I have been giving this some serious thought. In the event Mike steps down I would be interested in the seat. I believe my experience working in the trades my whole life and my people skills and a former member of a union will be fresh eyes and ears on this board.

I also believe that my relationships with the members of the City Council and School Comm. will give me the votes needed to serve the students and parents of Lowell at the Voke. My Father taught me to work with my hands and he told me you'll always work.

Give the Kids the tools and they will always work.........

Launch Day

After a long winter I launched the Janet Marie in the water yesterday for the season. For those of you that have a boat and would enjoy a beautiful day on the water Newburyport has a great boat launch. It's called Cashmans Park and it's just over the bridge on the right going into Newburyport. The fee is 5.00.

I've been boating for many years and launch day can go great or horrible wrong. Here are some pointers to keep in mind on launch day.

1. Check your air pressure on your trailer tires before you leave and grease the bearings ,

2.When you ready to back down the ramp make sure the drain plug is in. I don't know how many times I've heard or seen of a boat sink at the ramp forgetting this simple task.

3.DO NOT unhook your boat from your trailer when backing down to the water. I've seen boats roll off the trailer onto the ramp and snapping off the lower end of the motor,not a good start of a day

4.When backed in on the trailer lower the motor and start it and let it run. This is good to do on the first day after the winter. When you feel the motor is running good back in all the way and float off the trailer.

My launch day went well we put the bumpers on the dock before hand and took the boat out to the ocean for a shake down run. I had to replace a small piece of fuel line going to the fuel tank and my prop slipped at high RPMs , might be time for a new prop. All in all it was a good day.

One more thing.....Please use common sense. Some rookie tied off his anchor to his stern in the mouth of the Merrimack and sank his boat yesterday and was lucky there were other fisherman close by to fish them out.

Sea Ya Later

The Capt.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Caswell Motel

I know I haven't blogged in a while because I'm busy getting the boat ready for the season and I have a new Harley that I can't stay off of, but this story about the Caswell Motel interests me. I grew up in Tewksbury and the Caswell was always a truckers stop or a cheap motel for the night and well maintained. At the time Rt 38 was almost barren to Tewksbury center. Next to the Caswell was the Jade East Rest and The Red Mill. It was the spot you went if you got lucky at the bars and that was it.

Something changed. Did Rt 38 grow to fast? Did the owners let it go? Did the cheap rates draw hookers and dealers there? I think all of the above. One night 2yrs ago I was driving by the Caswell with a friend and we were talking about the good old days and how the Caswell had changed and my friend pulled in and around the back of the building and said watch this and beeped the horn. Almost every door opened and I'm sure there was something for sale behind every door.

These types of motels are in every city and town across America, is it right? NO. But if I know whats going on at the Caswell and every cop in town does why don't they enforce the law? It's to bad that times change and there are desperate people that do desperate things and put a black mark on a good town that I grew up in. Is the answer to take the Motel away from the owner and sell it off and split the 1.5 million that the property's is worth with the Feds and the Tewksbury Police?

They know the problem...... the police bust the hookers and dealers and judges let them walk because there is no room for them. I'm going on and on .....Let me know what you think

The Capt.