Sunday, August 19, 2012

Motorcycle ride to the past.

I had the pleasure to ride my Harley with my friends to Conn. this weekend and stayed at my buddy's daughters camp on Hayward Lake . I don't know what town it's in but I saw what living should be like and the pace we should be living at.

I love living in Lowell and I go about making a living every day but when I take a putt with my buddy's we end up somewhere I have never been and see these little towns and talk to the locals I wonder if a simple life in a rural place is the answer.

The lake we stayed on was beautiful and the bass fishing was unbelievable. The water was clear and clean and you could tell by looking at the fish because they were bright and healthy. The country side was also beautiful with rolling hills and open space and old farm houses on large parcels of land.

My buddy Paul and I took a putt on Sat. and got lost on purpose and ended up on dirt roads for miles and had to stop and let a flock of turkeys cross the road. We also found a old cemetery with many unmarked graves but some from the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War ...very cool.

At night the locals came out to the beach and whooped it up with a band and danced the night away.
They had home cooked side dishes and a 50/ 50 raffle and were very kind to us .

I don't know but it reminded me of a earlier time in my life when we would go to my uncles lake house in the early 60's. I'm very happy that there are still places like the one I found this weekend.

I still don't know what town I was in but it was a beautiful and happy place.

Sea Ya
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  1. Seems like a good trip to me. I'm sure you had a great time. The place you describe as well as the people there are cool.