Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Folk Fest.

Janet and I were down on Friday night because I volunteer to help out in the Emergency Management Command Center every year. It's something I enjoy and I get to make my rounds around the city in a golf cart.

The crowds were big at Boarding House Park and on Dutton St. and the fact that it was a beautiful night helped. I love the festivals the city puts on. I believe we are a model of what a urban city should be but I observed a couple things that I think should be addressed.

I love dogs I own one but I don't bring my dog down to huge crowds of people. Oh it's nice the dog gets all kind of attention but it's not about the dog it's about you. Leave your dog at home. I heard of two dog fights on Friday night and some children got scared.
The last thing I observed were packs of kids on bikes and skateboards wiping in and out of people and at one point took a guy out lucky he wasn't hurt. I don't know what can be done but I did see a Lowell Police Officer blow his whistle to some kids to get off the sidewalks with there bikes.

Other than these two things I think this is wonderful for the city but these two things can turn some folks off from coming back.

Sea Ya
The Capt.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Old Walbrook Rest. Razed

Janet and I drove down Pleasant St. in Dracut yesterday on our way home from York Beach to find bulldozers taking down the Walbrook. It was sad to see and reminded Jan and I that we used to go there when we where dating with the picnic tables and pizza and pitchers of beer we enjoyed.

The original Walbrook was great and they later made it a fancy rest. with a function room upstairs. My band Touch of Class played hundreds of weddings up stares and I remember loading and unloading down the fire escape on the back side of the building. Not much fun in the winter.

That later closed and it went though a few changes becoming nightclubs some good some bad.
It was also a church for awhile and that closed. Now I guess from what I heard they are putting in a plaza. Share your memories.

I'm sorry to see the Old Walbrook go.....Memories.

Sea Ya
The Capt.

Monday, July 2, 2012

There are rules on the water.

After doing three fishing charters this weekend and obseving the boating habits of some folks I thought I'd talk about the rules of the water.

I have the pleasure to work on the Merrimack River and the ocean three to four days a week and see alot of folks that have no busness boating here. As you head out to the ocean there are bouys red and green and no wake bouys you keep the green ones on your right on the way out and the red ones on your left. And on the way in you keep the red ones on your right and the green ones on your left. Easy way to remember is red right return.

No wake zones...They are there for a reason. Around Salisbury State Park many campers bring small boats to fish for Stripers and they can get swamped by large boat wakes. SLOW DOWN.

On a heavy boating days like this past weekend the mouth of the river can become like a washing machine. Many hard core fisherman drift the outgoing or the incoming tides between the north and south jetty. What happens is when the larger boats come flying out the mouth the boat wake bounces off both sides of the jettys and with the current of the in and out going tides it makes it very sloppy and smaller boat have no control and can get swamped. Please slow down going past smaller boats.

Every year we lose some folks beause of bad boating habits or lack of knowledge...Respect Morther Ocean.

Sea Ya
The Capt.