Sunday, September 23, 2012

Striper Fishing in Cape Cod Bay

My friends and I decided to change it up and charter a 36ft Sport fishing boat down the Cape and try our luck on the infamous striper fishing we only hear about up here in the north shore.

The boat was a beauty and Captian John Carty and 1st mate Kevin made us feel welcome aboard the Lucky Lady II. I wasn't prepared for the rough seas and the kind of fishing we were in store for. We checked the weather before we left my buddy's house in Sandwich and they said one foot seas and wind out of the NNW at 5 miles and hour. When we got to the boat it was blowing at 15 miles an hour with 3 to 4 ft seas.

We headed out banging though the waves and started to troll along Barnstable beaches about 300 yards off shore using purple jig heads. Two guys sitting in the fighting chairs at the stern pumping the jigs at a good clip up and down as the Capt. worked the boat as he called it over a pile of fish.

It was exhausting at times but rewarding when we hooked up. We kept swapping off and heckled one another  and had a lot off laughs and took some shots from the good natured Capt. up on the fly bridge.
After the tide went slack we headed toward the Cape Cod Canal and fished a ledge about a mile off shore.

I have fished in a bunch off boats before but this was crazy, about 60 boats trolling tubes on a small rock pile so close I could walk onto a boat going by at times. This is where we caught our biggest fish and it was awesome.

The wind calmed down and the sun came out and we headed back to the dock after 8hrs at sea and with over a hundred pounds of filet in our cooler. It is very cool to check out the different ways to catch fish because what works down the Cape doesn't always work in the north shore.

I love Striper fishing...

Sea Ya
The Capt.

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  1. Nice story and I like the idea of changing up once in a while for a new experience.  Exploring and learning.

    Regards  —  Cliff