Friday, February 15, 2013

Cory Belanger is the first one out of the box for Lowell City Council Race

The City Council Race in Lowell has officially started today with the announcement by Cory Belanger a local bar owner. Cory ran for Governors Council in 2010 and City Council in 2011. Cory was not successful in ether race. This announcement in my option is very early, but as Cory said he started  late in 2011 City Council Race and wants to hit the ground running early.

I appreciate Cory's enthusiasm in getting his message out early, but having run for office twice he will have no legs left for the finish in my option.  Unless Cory has a team that will work everyday on ground work and get out the vote he will burnout.

I like Cory and wish him well but he will have a tough road ahead of him. He has served the city well as a board member and has helped numerous  non profits and is well connected in the city but what surprised me the most was his endorsement of Councilor Ellott for Mayor if elected.

If Cory thinks that he can hang his hat on Rodney s name plate to get elected I believe he has made a mistake. I wish him well.....Let the games begin.

Sea Ya
The Capt.       

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