Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why are Nuns Vanishing in America.

Cruising my Facebook account my friend Marie Sweeney had a link to a Boston Globe article about What American Nuns Built. Being a product of a Catholic elementary school education I found it a great read but a troubling one also.

The number of American Nuns have dropped from 180,000 in the 70's to 56,000 in the present. The average age is 60 years old. Why is the number so low while the number of young women entering the Orders have increased in South America and Africa.

I suppose in those countries there may be a deeper faith in the church and also a way for these young women to get an education and a stable life. I realize this life is not for everyone especially young women from America with all that we have and the distractions of everyday life.

Did the Catholic church do a bad job in recent years in recruiting young women to this vocation?
My Aunt Theresa is a Grey Nun from the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa and has served her community for over 65 yrs. She taught at St, Josephs High School and later became Principal until the school closed.

I hope she won't get mad by me telling you she is 85 yrs old and still loves her life and her community. I'll leave you with a comment from the Globe Article which I agree with whole  heartily.

The education provided by the Catholic Schools when the students were taught by nuns was far superior than anything that is being provided to the children of this generation. The biggest thing with the loss of Nuns is now a Catholic education is no longer within reach financially for most families. The nuns being teachers allowed for much more affordable tuition as they were not collecting salaries for the most part. Going to a Catholic School now and being taught by a lay teacher is essentially the same as going to a public school and having a religious class thrown in. The nuns were the finest teachers this nation has ever known. They knew all subjects and we were educated at a superbly high level. Oh and they gave us discipline. The loss of nuns as educators has left a true vacancy in our nation. Oh for the old days and old ways.         

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Fading Lowell Sun baits City Council to Fight.

Wow I just read today's Editorial in the Fading Lowell Sun, talk about chumming the water. " STEP DOWN OR GROW UP". The Fading Lowell Sun wants unity on the Council but continues to writes  about the tensions between the Mayor and his colleagues. To quote the Fading Lowell Sun Editorial  ; ON TUESDAY NIGHT, COUNCILORS SHOWED UNCOMMON RESTRAINT BY REFRAINING FROM GIVING THE MAYOR A DOSE OF HIS OWN VITRIOLIC MEDICINE'.

Good for my City Councilmen for not acting childish,and do the business of the city. I personalty hate the petty bickering and antics of some Councilors. In my option a certain Councilor does the bidding of the Fading Lowell Sun. This is not what is in the best interest of the city.

Yes the Mayor will not seek a 3rd term but why should the Fading Lowell Sun throw out some stinking bait that no one will bite on. Because he didn't buy over priced ads in there paper thin paper?

I may be only a Neighborhood Activist, Bike Riding, Sea Dog, but I can see a bully when I see one and it,s not the Mayor...

Sea Ya

The Capt.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cory Belanger is the first one out of the box for Lowell City Council Race

The City Council Race in Lowell has officially started today with the announcement by Cory Belanger a local bar owner. Cory ran for Governors Council in 2010 and City Council in 2011. Cory was not successful in ether race. This announcement in my option is very early, but as Cory said he started  late in 2011 City Council Race and wants to hit the ground running early.

I appreciate Cory's enthusiasm in getting his message out early, but having run for office twice he will have no legs left for the finish in my option.  Unless Cory has a team that will work everyday on ground work and get out the vote he will burnout.

I like Cory and wish him well but he will have a tough road ahead of him. He has served the city well as a board member and has helped numerous  non profits and is well connected in the city but what surprised me the most was his endorsement of Councilor Ellott for Mayor if elected.

If Cory thinks that he can hang his hat on Rodney s name plate to get elected I believe he has made a mistake. I wish him well.....Let the games begin.

Sea Ya
The Capt.       

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life Gave The Capt. a Right Hook.

I have always lived my life to the fullest and enjoy being surrounded by my family and friends. Those who know me know my mantra  is " We are not here for a long time but here for a good time" . Three weeks ago life gave me a right hook and took my hero, best friend , my Dad. It was fast and he said he always wanted to go that way.  He died snow blowing his driveway even though I told him I'd be over to do it. I learned you can't tell an old Frenchman what to do because he'll do it anyway. In a way I'm blessed he died the way he wanted and not linger sick in a nursing home, because he was not the type of guy to be a bother to anyone.

He was a good man and a devoted husband to my Mom for over 60 years and did a great job raising 5 children. I have no regrets because I know he loved me and he knew I loved him. People have told me the hole in your heart will always be there and I believe that is true, after all he was my Father.

Grief is a powerful thing. I have had friends and relatives pass away and it makes you pause, but losing a parent takes the breath out of you. I know I'll be ok after a while and life goes on but it is surreal that he is gone. I know I'm not the only one to lose a loved one . Loved ones die every day and the pain is as great  .

I do know that I am the man that I am because of the man that raised me and mentored me. I will miss him deeply but wow.......That was a right hook.